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Porsche Club Dorset - R26 Dorset drivers are a group of enthusiasts with a love of PORSCHEs                                                                                      Go on, come and join in with us soon......
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Dorset drivers are a group of enthusiasts with a love of PORSCHEs
Porsche of any age or model, the majority who attend are PORSCHE owners. Our aim is to meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month for a friendly chat, any person with a love of the marque and a desire to be part of the PORSCHE family are more than welcome to come along.

We meet at the GEORGE ALBERT HOTEL, Adjacent to Southern Counties Lodge, Wardon Hill, Evershot,
Nr Dorchester, DT2 9PW 
(Location Map) - View lots of events we have taken part in at www.911uk.co.uk

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we meet at the George Albert Hotel join us at the George Albert Hotel where does P.C.G.B meet where does P.C.G.B Dorset meet
Meetings on the 3rd Thursday every month at the George Albert Hotel Wardon Hill what day does the dorset region meet, 3rd Thursday 19.30
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PCGB Dorset RO Supports region 20 pcgb at the ace cafe, see their facebook page for more info
PCGB Dorset RO Supports region 20 pcgb at the ace cafe, see their twitter page for more info
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Dorset Porsche Owners club 10th Birthday Party 21st Feb 2015 R26 Porsche Owners club 10th Birthday Party 21st Feb 2015



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