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POOLE QUAY 2007 - Host PCGB Owner's Event

Wow, how do I start writing this addition R26 article, our 3rd Poole Quay Event.

 An overwhelmingly and successful Poole Quay event 25th May. The DORSET Region and I were expecting to top 40 or so cars, that attended in 2006 and Iím sure that all those who contributed to making the event happen were amazed as Porsche after Porsche just kept arriving, an amazing and glittery 89 Porsche cars and their owners turned up to park along the whole of the Poole Quay Front. Wonderful cars parked along side small boats and yachts that wouldnít look out of place moored at Monaco.

 As you will see in the event pictures we had almost every different road going Porsche model on show, PCB even had a Cayenne Turbo, all pimped up in black; a very yummy alternative for that shopping trip when the wife buys more than the 911 boot space can cope with!

 Every variation of Porsche owner enjoyed the event. From the oneís you canít shut up (could that be me!) and those who rev up, to those who turn up, park up and enjoy the view, boats and a coffee at one of the Quayís many coffee houseís or pubís.

 It was truly a family event with many children attending, also many visitorsí children loving the spectacle of all these sports cars in one place, what an adultís candy shop.

Thatís the joy of an event like this, everyone can come and enjoy the event in the way they wish.

 Thank you all for your support at PQ07, the event wouldnít be a success with out YOU.

 Poole Tourism did a wonderful job in arranging the cars along the harbour front and managing the whole event smoothly. May I say a particular thanks to Robin, Brett, Sam, Tref, Claire, Alan, Geoff and me (he he!!) for their support at the event.
I was pleased that Anne Simpson (Special Events Manager from Poole Tourism) asked if we could run this event each month during the summer, I/we felt that this would be unsustainable but perhaps we could run two events, at the start and end of the summer.

Anne said that she has never seen so many viewers (public) attend a car event at Poole Quay, and she was extremely pleased and impressed how the evening went.    

Please enjoy a few pictures from the event, members and public share stories of Porsche ownership and their involvement in PCGB. Roll on our next Poole Quay . . . . .