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Mid April 2002

Under wraps

Four Pictures of the car as it arrived at the Dealership.
You can see that the car is protected by film and polystyrene packing where required.
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  From this picture of the Carrera you can see the 4S shares the lines of the 911 Turbo. From the front the only difference is the gap in the lower lip under the bumper. The 4S had a more-rounded finish to the Turbo. The Carrera 4S shares a widened body with the Turbo / 60 mm wider than the standard Coupé. It also benefits from the same headlights as the Turbo. Click To View A Larger Picture
Here you can appreciate the braking system derived from the 911 Turbo. It features internally vented & cross-drilled discs front and rear.
Also the Carrera 4S features the distinctive red paint finish on all four brake callipers as well as 18-inch Turbo Look II wheels. The wheels also are fitted with 4S logo wheel centres.
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  From the rear you can recognise the Carrera 4S instantly by its red wide-band reflector and the titanium-coloured Carrera 4S logo. Click To View A Larger Picture

Evening Viewing

The dealership had called to ask if it was ok to display the car in their showroom until I took delivery.

I was more than pleased as this really showed the car in its true glory.

The sales team said that potential customers were pleased to see a Carrera 4S for the first time in the flesh.

Some even keener to see it in Guards Red, One customer's colour (Guards Red) decision was made on seeing the car in the showroom.

I was fully awear by my sone As you will see in the bottom picture, “Dad’s getting a Super-Car next week” didn’t bring much enthusiasm!

Need for speed on the PS2 is so much better he thinks!

No fuel or tyre wear in the 'third place'!

CLICK ME - Showroom

CLICK ME - Showroom