As you have already read this Porsche Owners web site is to share the ownership experience of the 996 Carrera 4S with
fellow owners and car enthusiasts of any make or model.

SAD TO SAY that ....... web site users and the users of ANY web site MUST be a wear that Illegal Alterations / Additions to
the site by a third party (i.e hackers, or spy wear) will be monitored. When found they will be removed from the site at the
earliest opportunity.

ADVICE .......

When viewing ANY web site ensure that ALL your internet security features are switched on at the highest level your system
and usage demands can cope with.

WHAT They can do .......

YOU SHOULD check your dial up and broadband connections on a regular basis as this type of internet fraud in growing
daily. As you are probably a wear they commonly send / add viruses or auto dial up's to a premium rate No's.
Check your on-line connections on a regular basis, (on each PC / Laptop) regularly and validate there authenticity.

 HOW .......
With Int Exp - Tools / Internet Options / Connections and check your settings.
With Start / Control Panel / Internet Options / Connections and check your settings.


I hope you find this information useful, thank you, Dec 2005


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